Hi, all. This is my first post for my new blog, The Sika Lodge. Welcome, welcome, welcome!! I am not completely new to blogging. For those of you who already know me, will know that I dipped in and out of the food blogging arena from time to time Serena’s Medium Rare, but as life got busier and busier, my commitment to the food blog diminished.  That’s not to say my food interest diminished. On the contary, I’m interested in recipes and food more than ever. Just the food blogging arena had changed, and to be honest I wasn’t able to keep up with those changes, for example recipe videos. I haven’t written a blog post since March 2016, although I was still active on the Serena’s Medium Rare Facebook page. So I thought, you know what?! Time for a change.  A change to writing a blog that I am more comfortable with and a blog that is more fitting with who I am right now.



That’s the precise reason, why I decided to switch it up and begin a new blog entitled The Sika Life. So now, for those of you who do not know me. Who am I? Well my name is Serena Delaney, married to a hunk of a Roscommon man, Alan. Whom I finally dragged down from the West of Ireland to Killarney. It was on our honeymoon in Zanzibar that we came up with the mad notion that opening a Bed and Breakfast would be a good idea. (more on that later). The history of how we came about to owning and running the B&B is the most asked question I get here in Sika Lodge. That question and also “which direction do I do the Ring of Kerry in?”. So more detailed blog posts to come on the beginnings of our Sika Lodge adventure and also the most requested information by our guests, the Ring of Kerry.

So basically with this blog I will try to focus on three different topics. Firstly all things Sika Lodge related, secondly I will continue my passion for sharing my recipes, and finally I will try my best to share my local knowledge of both the Killarney region and the County of Kerry.  I am committed to giving my guests the most detailed and honest advise of places to eat, drink and visit. So in the interest of research on our days off here, we act as tourists ourselves, and visit local places and experience as many local activities as possible so we can bring first hand knowledge back to our guests.


So I do hope you keep an eye on the blog and pop in to it from time to time. There is no post schedule at the moment, I will just see how I go and find my feet before I commit to blog post schedules. For now, thanks for reading and stay tuned for all the fun times and recipes to come.





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